Smartphones for 20 thousand with a large battery, NFC and a large battery

Smartphones for 20 thousand with a large battery, NFC and a large battery The cost of modern smartphones is dropping and up. Today's selection includes the latest models that are released in 2020, but have excellent technical characteristics. They work on Android, and some of them are purchased not for functionality, but for cost. We will look at one of them today.Samsung Galaxy S20 is a premium model that has an impressive amount of memory, a Quad camera and a good battery. The phone got a large frameless screen with a built-in fingerprint scanner. The main camera module is Quad, and the front camera is built into a small hole in the upper part of the display. The developers placed a large battery capacity in a small hole in the lower part of the screen.The sound quality is provided by a microphone placed on the end face of the camera. The battery has a capacity of 4000 Milli-ampere-hours. The model supports contactless payment. Available NFC module, USB Type-C port.The developers installed a fingerprint reader on the back of the device. The battery is equipped with a bright 50 MP camera with a model number. The device is made in the case is made of plastic.Goggles-Nose Touch Wireless GO Low, Bluetooth, 3.5 mm Jack.The models are available in the Galaxy S20 line. It started selling in mid-January 2020.The original article is here. Next — even more useful and interesting things!Full information is available on our website